Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm back

A 4 month break....is having a baby a good enough excuse? I'm finally back up and "running" at somewhat of a normal speed. I should say, cooking rather. At any rate, I'm back in the kitchen, and have tried out some new restaurants and recipes so here goes!

Park Burger

It's a great, somewhat new restaurant...I've been there a could of times and have eaten everything on my plate without a picture taken...does that tell you anything? It's a small, and I do mean small place on the corner of South Pearl and E. Jewell Ave. It's casual, great for date night or a small group. The atmosphere is inviting, the burgers are hot, messy and delicious. They have homemade fries, including sweet potato fires...I can't pass that up and TO DIE FOR shakes!!! I recommend the Peanut butter and chocolate...but you should consider only eating half of your burger if you want any room for the shake. It's rich and delicious.

Park Burger recently won a battle of the burger in Denver, a competition of new local burger joins...they are popping up everywhere. It's definitely a place to hit up.

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